Applying & Signing the Contract

Q1:  Are the available rooms shown on the website?
A:  Room availability is not shown on the website. Room availability changes often, please send an Inquiry Form to ask if the room is available or not.
Q2:  What documents do I need to bring with me when I sign the contract?
A:  We require a copy of the passport of all individuals staying at the property. Please sign the contract and copy the page of your passport that has a picture of your face and your passport number.
Q3:  How should I apply for a room at Choei Monthly Mansion? What is the procedure after I applied for the room?
A:  Please apply via the Reservation Form on our website. We will send you an invoice and a contract after you send us the reservation form. After you send us the signed contract, a copy of your passport and paid the rent, the reservation procedure will be complete.

Extending Your Stay or Cancelling Your Reservation

Q1:  Can I cancel my reservation before I check in?
A:  You can cancel your reservation but you will need to pay cancellation fee. If you cancel 7 or more days before your check-in date, the cancellation fee is 50% of the total rent. If you cancel 6 or less days before the check-in date, the cancellation fee is 100% of the total rent.
Q2:  Can I cancel my contract during my stay?
A:  You may cancel your contract during your stay. However, you need to pay 60% of the rental for the period you cancel as a cancellation fee. Also if the contract period is less than a month, we will not refund your money.
Q3:  Can I extend my stay?
A:  You can extend your stayAs long as there are no other reservations for the property. If it is not available, we will recommend another property for you.


Q1:  How can I pay my rental fees?
A:  Choei accepts payment by PayPal. Please confirm the the invoice that we sent by email
Q2:  Are there extra charges for additional persons to stay in one room?
A:  For every additional adult who stays in the room, you will be charged 1000 JPY /day.
Q3:  What are the fees for children staying at Choei Monthly Mansion?
A:  Children younger than elementary school age are free. Children in elementary school or older than elementary school age will be charged the regular adult price 1000 JPY /day.

Check-in and Check Out

Q1:  How can I get my room key from Choei Monthly Mansion?
A:  We will put your key in the mailbox corresponding to your room number. Please get the key from the mailbox.
Q2:  How do I return my key when I check out?
A:  Please leave the key in the mailbox on the first floor.
The mailbox number iscorresponding to your room number.
Q3:  What time is the earliest check-in time? What time is the latest check-out time?
A:  The earliest check-in time is 2:00 PM and the latest check-out time is 12:00 noon.

Appliances and Your Room

Q1:  What appliances are included in the room?
A:  Appliances vary by property. Details are included in the documents you will receive when you check in.
Choei properties provide toothbrushes, body soap, shampoo (but only for 2 or 3 days).
Q2:  What should I do if any equipment in the room is broken or any appliance doesn’t work?
A:  Please contact Choei immediately if anything is broken.
Q3:  Is internet (wired Ethernet, WiFi) available at the apartments?
A:  Yes. All apartments have internet. WiFi is available in every room.

Other Questions

Q1:  Is there cleaning service during my stay?
A:  We provide cleaning service, but it will cost an extra fee. We only provide one set of towels for each person during your stay.
Q2:  Can you add an extra bed to the room?
A:  We don’t provide extra beds, but extra “futon” is available.
Q3:  How should I take out my trash?
A:  Please separate your trash into normal and recyclable trash and put it into white and transparent trash bags. We will give you documents which show you how to separate the trash and where to take it out.