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*If you speak Japanese or know someone who does, please send this form in Japanese.Our English staff are limited.

Usage Contract

1.Usage Contract
Residents staying at Choei Rental Apartment (CMM) Apartments are required to follow the rules as outlined by this contract.
2.Applying for an Apartment
1.Those wishing to apply to stay at a CMM Apartment are required to fill out the appropriate paperwork as outlined by Choei
2.Those wishing to apply to a CMM Apartment must provide a copy of their passport.
3.Payment in Advance
1.Once you apply to stay at CMM Apartment, you must pay all lodging expenses by the deadline that CMM specifies.
2.If you fail to pay the lodging expenses within the period of time set by CMM, your reservation will be cancelled.
4.Purpose of Use
Customers under this contract agree to a short-term stay. This contract is binding.
As this contract only pertains to short-term rentals, Japanese rental and residency laws do not apply in the event of contract cancellation or contract renewal.
5.Cancellation Fees
1.Customers may choose to cancel their reservation.
2.Our refund policy is as follows:
● 15 days or more before your check-in date: Full refund.
● 14 to 8 days before your check-in date: 70% refund.
● 7 days to 1 day before your check-in date: 50% refund.
6.Cancelling Your Stay
1.If a customer decides to cancel their stay early and was planning to stay for more than one month, we will refund 40% of the fee of their remaining stay.
2.If a customer decides to cancel their stay early but was planning to stay less than one month, we will not refund any fees of their remaining stay.
7.Extending Your Stay
1.If a customer wishes to extend their stay, they must notify CMM 7days before the last day of their stay. As long as there are no other reservations for the same room, CMM can extend the period of stay.
2.If a customer decides to extend their stay, they must pay the additional lodging fees by the last day of their prior contract.
1.Residents cannot take home appliances, utensils, and furniture out of the room.
2.Residents cannot own pets or bring pets onto the property of CMM.
3.Residents will not cause trouble for the neighbors by being too loud.
4.People other than the residents named in the contract may not stay in the apartment with you.
5.Residents named in this contract cannot transfer their stay to a different individual, or sublet their apartment to another person.
6.If construction or repairs are required on the property being rented, residents must comply with any and all requests from the construction staff. If there is an urgent problem such as a water leak, residents must contact CMM immediately. Residents will also comply with construction and repairs of common areas in the building of the property that they are renting.
If residents are injured while staying in CMM Apartments, they are responsible for their own injuries. CMM does not take responsibility for injuries that occur on CMM property.
Choei is not liable for any injury to residents due to any of the following reasons:
1.Injuries due to flaws in the electricity, gas, or water systems.
2.Injuries incurred on properties other than the property being rented.
3.Injuries or losses due to natural disaster or fire.
4.Theft, loss or damage of private property (including bicycles) due to bugs, weather, mold, birds, etc.
11.Termination of Contract
1.CMM reserves the right to terminate this contract due to any of the following reasons:
I. Failure of resident to pay necessary fees.
II. Failure of resident to adhere to the rules described in #8 of this contract.
III. Any action that violates the terms of this contract.
2.In the event that the contract is terminated due to one of the reasons listed above, Choei bears no responsibility to return any money to the resident.
12.Illegal Residence
1.If the resident refuses to leave the property even after their contract comes to an end or is terminated, Choei will take payment for the additional days stayed illegally as a fine.
2.If any individual who is not named in this contract is found to be staying on the rental property, the resident will be charged additional fees as if that individual had stayed form the beginning of the period of residence to the end as a fine.
13.Vacating the Property
1.When the contractor vacates the rental property they will return the room key to Choei in a way decided by Choei.
2.After the contractor vacates the room, the property will be inspected by a Choei representative. If any items are found to be stained, broken, or missing, the contractor will be charged with their replacement and/or repair.
3.After the contractor vacates the property, any items left behind will be disposed of by Choei. The contractor may not seek damages from Choei for items left in the room after it has been vacated.
4.In the event that a contractor leaves an item behind on the property after vacating the property, Choei may charge the contractor with any fees required to dispose of the item.
Contact Information:
Mukaihata-cho, Higashi-shiokoji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, JAPAN CMM Kyoto Station Office
Choei Rental Apartment Customer Service Center TEL: 81-75-354-9600

Please check in check box “agree” after you confirm the contents of Terms of Use


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Bank Telephone number: +81 753712130
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